The Center of sustainable industry in the North

The world needs forerunners. Therefore, the opportunities for sustainable industry offered by Europe, Finland and especially in Tornio are limitless.

Finland, one of the Nordic countries, is a great destination for investments thanks to its safe and stable operating environment. Tornio, on the border of Finland and Sweden, is perhaps the best place in the world for a profitable and especially sustainable industry.

Amazing location, onshore of the Bothnian Bay and surrounded by renewable energy infrastructure provides the best possible environment for the industry of the future. Only here you can choose the best of both of the world’s most developed and safest countries.

Tornio offers great potential for hydrogen, future battery production industries and to many other future growth sectors – Let us tell you how.

Tornio location in Nordic countries

Tornio offers opportunities without borders

Tornio’s location on the border of Finland and Sweden is unique for both business and trade. The twin city area of TornioHaparanda has over 32,000 residents, and that’s only the foundation of the region’s potential. It’s widely known that cities situated on open borders have far more trade and potential than their size would suggest.
Tornio is also a popular place for border crossing, with over 14 million people reported to cross per year. Thanks to this, the bilingual region of Tornio possesses an ample amount of workforce with excellent language proficiency.
The area has a long history as a concentration of large-scale industry. Among other things, one of the world’s most modern stainless steel manufacturing plants is located in Tornio! Over the decades, the region’s steel and construction SMEs have also grown into world-class players.
Nordic batterycluster

Best place for sustainable industries of the future
– Key features

  • Hundreds of hectares in total for sustainable future industry operations
  • High capacity supply of electricity
  • Excellent Port, railway and highway connections
  • Large amount of green energy and easy acces cooling water
  • Hydrogen network been planned to go through Tornio
  • Synergies with another large-scale industries and CO2 sources
  • Several chemicals produced domestically, in the neighborhood area
  • Excellent synergy and possibility of cooperation with mines, battery factories and energy producers

Why invest in Tornio and the Nordic’s sustainable industry center?

We offer a clean future for industrial companies with high requirements concerning both logistics as well as the supply of electricity, liquefied natural gas and chemicals. Tornio region also has plenty of other green energy resources available. This combination is perfect for servicing large scale manufacturing businesses.

Our industrial areas also offer synergies and other business opportunities in two countries. An example of this is the possibility to utilize excess heat generated by existing businesses in the area as a source of green energy. The close proximity of all areas to the industries located in Northern Finland and Sweden in addition to their excellent logistical connections open up great possibilities.

Investing in production in Tornio region is also a significant investment in sustainable production as well as sustainable business. Thanks to the Nordics’ immense natural resource potential and currently running mining operations, you can expect a considerable ROI. Steel manufacturing, which is in transition, opens up enormous opportunities for the hydrogen market, and the further products refined with hydrogen can easily be delivered from Tornio to meet the needs of customers. The existing logistical connections allow for cutting both transport times and distances, which in turn will decrease CO2 emissions. Altogether this combination will allow for notable savings in operational costs. So what are you waiting for?

Tornio industrial zone

Tornio facts

  • Population of TornioHaparanda twin city > 32,000 residents
  • 400th anniversary in 2021
  • A 10 minute access to everywhere in the TornioHaparanda region
  • 531,000 residents within a 100 km radius
  • 3 million yearly visitors in the TornioHaparanda region
  • 14 million yearly border crossings (persons)
  • A 15-minute drive away from the Kemi-Tornio airport
  • In addition to Kemi-Tornio, three other airports within a 2 h drive (Oulu, Rovaniemi, Luleå)
  • Excellent and electrified railroad connection

Are you not convinced yet?

Let us convince you

If you’re starting or relocating your industrial business, we’d love to talk to you more about the potential Tornio has to offer. You can reach us easily and you are also welcome to come visit us!

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