Do you want your business in an area with heavy traffic and easy access? If you answered yes, the very busy Kromitie roundabout area may be the right place for your business.

In the area of Kromitie roundabout, there are good lots available for grocery stores. The area of the traffic circle, which is passed by approximately 18,000 vehicles and 28,500 people every day, is part of Torppi. Currently Prisma, Motonet, Keinänen and Puuilo are located in the area. Is there a visible location for your company here?

Is Tornio’s Kustaankulma your new place of business?

Are you looking for a new business location? We have an amazing location for you and we want to help you. Tornio has over 400 years of experience in international trade – you can be a part of Tornio’s fifth century of trade. Kustaankulma, located at the corner of the Kromitie roundabout, is in a favorable location in terms of traffic flows. The location near the center of Tornio brings significant local and cross-border traffic.

Business Tornio Havainnekuva Kustaankulma
Business Tornio, Illustration, Kustaankulma

Basic information about Kustaankulma

The Kustaankulma plot is approx. 20,000 m² and it is bounded in the north-east direction by the traffic circle and in the west-south direction by the residential area.

  • Building rights approx. 10,000 k-m²
  • Infrastructure and municipal technology are easily available – a fiber optic connection can be found at the corner of the plot
  • Already interested partners available – ask for more information
  • Significant business potential easily accessible along a busy thoroughfare

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