Space for stores and services

Tornio is full of commercial space for both shops and services. Whether you want a space with direct access to the highway, easily accessible for motorists, or close to two state borders to double your customer base, Tornio has a solution for you.

Tornio’s location on the border of Finland and Sweden is a unique place of business with a unique customer base, especially for the commerce sector. Thanks to the Tornio-Haparanda twin city, there are 31,000 inhabitants in the immediate vicinity of the border and around 500,000 people in the trading area.

Tornio is a popular border crossing point, more than 14 million people cross the border in Tornio every year. It is a well-known fact that open border towns, such as Tornio, punch above their weight as trading places.

Kaupankäyntialue Tornio
Business Tornio illustration - Tornio's trading area

Unlimited growth potential for companies

With the support of Business Tornio, there is no limit to the potential of your business. Business Tornio, owned by the city of Tornio and local SMEs, is a development company helping you in every step of your business.

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