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We serve you in matters related to business affairs, administration, cross-border advice, development projects and tourism development. Below you will find our contact information by subject area. Feel free to get in touch or come visit.

At your service

Hannaleena Posti

Business developer, Investments and development


Tel. 040 661 2939

Kimmo Nurmos

Business developer, Start-up companies, Invest In


Tel. 040 768 5438

Heidi Lamepla

Administrative officer


Tel. 040 090 2212

Tiina Vähä

Marketing advisor


Tel. 040 612 7722

Anni Lamomprom

Tourism coordinator


Tel. +358 40 570 29 44

Miikka Laitinen

Business developer, Investments and development


Tel. +358 40 842 0677

Annu Kivimäki

Secretary Tornion Yrittäjät


Tel. 040 801 3134

Riikka Juntti

Coordinator, Cross-border advisory


Tel. 040 126 7888

Billing information

Business information

Business Tornio Oy
Business ID: 1508288-9

Online invoices

Online billing address 003715082889

Paper invoices

Paper invoices should be sent to: Suensaarenkatu 4, 95400 Tornio

E-mail invoices

E-mail invoices should be sent to: ritva.rimpisalo@tornio.fi

The required identifiers are the name of the sender of the invoice, date of the invoice, invoice number, reference number, invoice amount, due date and seller’s business ID. As a reference, the invoice must show the name of the customer/reference person as well as a possible project, contract number or other similar reference.